Saturday, December 11, 2010

A nice day

It is a gorgeous day outside.

It sometimes surprises me how good that can make me feel.  And of course, having a nice sunny day means all sorts of other things are happening.  Where I live is next door to one of Claremont McKenna's practice fields, and today the track and field people are practicing the hammer throw.

That is just fun to watch!  For those who haven't seen it, the hammer is the event with the 16 pound ball attached to a chain.  Watching the throwers spin around and around and just heave that sucker as far as they can reminds you of when you were a kid and just threw things to see how far you could (see also: skipping rocks.)

It doesn't hurt that I know one of the throwers.  He's been in my probability, statistics, and Monte Carlo methods courses and is an all around good guy.  I wish him luck on the field as the season begins!