Saturday, February 26, 2011


The movie Tron came out when I was 10, and (in between Star Wars sequels) quickly established itself as my favorite movie.  
Almost 30 years later, Tron legacy has his the theatres, and the Disney marketing machine is in full swing.  Hooray!

In California Adventure, that means the southwest part of the park has been turned into ElecTRONica.  After night falls, a DJ spins up and the End of Line Club comes to life.  Even more fun, they have recreated Flynn's Arcade--complete with all the working video games I loved as a kid.  Sure, there are lots of ways to play those old games nowadays, but nothing beats the thrill from dropping a token (and they are all 1 token to play) into a cabinet, then dropping it again in to the other slot because one slot isn't working, and then flying that ship/lasering robots/blowing up monsters until the cows come home.